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The Awakening, BDSM erotic romanceThe Awakening

Lisa is looking for the man of her dreams–a sexy dominant who will love her for the submissive she thinks she is. Her boss, Hank, is content with his life–no love, but a steady play partner for the dungeon. Hank catches Lisa eavesdropping on his private phone conversation. Angry, he tells her he’s going to punish her; and that’s music to Lisa’s ears. Could Hank be the man she’s longing for? How can she let him know what she wants? Eager to bring her desires to reality, she begins to explore the kinky world of BDSM without truly understanding the physical and psychological risks. In this sado-masochistic erotic romance, Lisa’s journey into this new realm of pleasure threatens to expose Hank’s secret life and ruin her happiness. His reluctance to mix love and dungeon play threatens to break her heart. Can they find a middle ground that’s safe, sane, and consensual?

“And the steam scenes are superb. I was definitely having to turn on the A/C at my house to keep cool while reading it. I definitely recommend this book to anyone curious about the subgenre of erotic romance and for anyone who can really identify with Lisa as a new submissive exploring the BDSM community for the first time. It’s a believable, enjoyable and all around sexy read!” — L.D. Smith